ALCIB has amazing jewelry and great self-care tips. I would definitely recommend it to ALL women!


Her jewelry is SOOOO dope! It’s like just enough unique plus just enough trend. Everything is super cute.


Received my earrings and they are even better than expected! Calling me a rockstar just for placing an order, yeah, you’re doing it right!


Really happy to have found this merchant and I love that they have one click Apple Pay. You have a fan in Oregon! Thanks ALCIB💕


Every time I wear my danglings I honestly feel so much better. It's a statement piece. It's my "I won't stop wearing beautiful earrings and fixing my hair cause I have kids".

Rose @simplychaoticbeauty



Caregiving Hard but Giving Care to Ourselves Harder. A Log Cabin in Brooklyn (ALCIB) is a self-care brand, helping women prioritize wellness and mental health through motivational messages, education and our accessible line of handmade and curated jewelry... Because nothing says self care like a little sparkle. ✨ 

We are for the rockstars going non-stop at work; giving their all to family and friends; and curating wellness practices that inspire ways to connect with life, body, mind and soul!

To all the Rockstars, the Millennial Caregivers and the woman who’s always there for everyone else: We’re here for you. To remind you to be gentle with yourself. To drink your water and take your vitamins. And to give yourself time to pick a fresh outfit (complete with ALCIB sparkle) every morning. 

We’re turning self care from a nice-to-have to something you can cross off your list today, tomorrow and every day. 

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Support Group for Caregivers

Caregiving ain't easy and being a millennial caregiver - well it can be quite the challenge but there is support for you Rockstar! Find support with other caregivers in this virtual support group. Connect, bond, grow, and learn as we all process through this journey together!