ΔLC|B was founded back in 2010 when my mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers. At the time the only thing that could pull her from her depression of this news was the hobby of making jewelry. We took classes and began our journey from beyond the diagnosis to our destiny!
8 years later, I Make + Curate Pieces that help introduce the world to the Healing Power of JEWELRY ~ inspired by my mom ~ in my line [kab-in]+[fee-ver] which I have broken-down for you below:
  • Tassel Collection (message: Tie a String So You Don't Forget; as Alzheimers progresses you forget more and more each day) 
  • Hoop Collection (message: Once a Man, Twice a Child; as Alzheimers progresses you become more childlike... life is circular like that) 
  • Basic Baddie CollectionFor the Budget Minded Beauty ($40-)
  • Bougie Boss CollectionFor the Beauty that don't mind Ballin' ($40+)
10% of each sale goes to benefit and raise awareness of Alzheimers. It is my mission to share my story and to inspire other women to savagely protect their Mental Health and all around Wellness... come cozy up with me in the Cabin and let me show you how.