Why You Should Establish a Quarantine Routine

I get it: establishing a routine seems like the last thing you want to do for your mental well-being. Routines can be limiting, binding, and you might feel bad if you stray from your routine into unproductive no-man's land. This may be hard for some of you Rockstars to hear but research shows that establishing a routine can bring a variety of health benefits to your life, and the best part is, it's free and can completely change your life.

Reduce your stress

If you don't have a routine with designated times to get work done, you're left wondering when you will get anything done. This ambiguity can be anxiety-inducing, but it can be greatly reduced by establishing a routine and leaving time to get work done. Alternating periods of work with intentional breaks means that you can get work done without overwhelming yourself (online shopping breaks are acceptable during working hours if you're at home, right?). 

Improve your health

Your health does not improve from one day to the next — if it did, I'd have abs already from that workout video I did yesterday. Creating lifelong healthy habits involves repetition and incorporating these habits into your routine in a sustainable way. Poor health decisions, like grabbing fast food, often occur when you stray from your routine. Establishing a routine that includes working out and grocery shopping can eliminate those spontaneous fast food runs and can have you feeling happier and healthier.

Have more fun

When you establish a routine, you can ensure that you're intentionally setting aside time for fun things. Without a routine, you might be left scrambling from task to task with barely any time to breathe, much less time for a Zoom happy hour with your girls or some "me time". Taking time for yourself is important and the best way to do so is to establish a routine and incorporate it. 

With so much out of our control these days, the best way to regain control and better your mental health is by creating and sticking to a routine. Your future healthy, glowing, and revived self will thank you! Want some more tips on establishing a routine (or have some tips of your own)? Contact me by dropping a line!




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