Why Mindfulness Matters: 3 Major Ways Being Present Impacts Your Life

Okay baddies now let’s get in formation: this month is all about serving up intentional mindfulness like it’s Thanksgiving in August. Are you with me?

The first step of actually ADOPTING daily and intentional mindfulness, is knowing why it matters. Because I can already hear you on the other side of your screen: “why should I care, Nikki?” I feel you, okay. Daily mindfulness is a big mental muscle we need to get in the habit of flexing. Any workout, mental mindset or otherwise, requires some motivation. 


There are so many reasons why being present matters, not just to the community and people you love surrounding you, but even for your 👏🏾 self👏🏾 ! You already know I could go on and on here, but let’s just take 3 BIG ways being present and intentionally mindful can impact your life:

1. Your Joy + Contentment - Okay boo, I know you’re with me now. When was the last time you really felt pure joy or contentment? Is that a hard question to answer?

There is a lot to stress about in this world, especially right now. I get it. We all have our mental luggage, our stressors, our worries. Wouldn’t it be nice to take back a little control and release some of that? Free up some headspace and really take a deep breath. Take time to appreciate small things. I’m talking teeny tiny, and consistently throughout your day. 

Moments of stillness and peace (self care, honey), birds chirping (yes kween sing your song!), a strong wifi connection (oh, yup!). Whatever it might be, harness it. Let that vibration of gratitude ring through your day and tell me you don’t feel a change...

2. Relationships - Real talk now, what relationships are no longer serving you? 

Being present will gift your sense of self [back]. That means **glowing** with confidence and the ability to hold true to your boundaries where relationships are concerned. Mindfulness is an act of affording yourself time and space to be grateful for what surrounds you. When you’re doing that, things that are no longer serving you will start to stick out like a big old sore thumb, honey. Mindfulness is an ACTION. Being present means being actionable with your friendships and what you need from them.

Imagine a fail-proof security net of rock solid relationships in your life. How would that change things?

3. Work + Productivity - For my boss baddies out there. Are you feeling uninspired or bogged down by your work lately? When was the last time you set a goal and really reeeaaached?

Being present means understanding your worth and aligning your talents toward big goals for your future. Affording yourself the time and space to manifest gratitude in your life will help you decide what really matters, what’s really important to you, and will give you the confidence to go after it! Being present means shooting your shot!

How different does life look when you flaunt that kind of confidence and that kind of gratitude? How does your career change, or your tasks reprioritize, or your talents develop? 

Now I know it sounds like I’m promising y’all the dang moon and stars here, but you’ll never know until you try for yourself, right? Intentional mindfulness matters and will have some serious **positive** impacts in your life. 

Now all we have to do is shoot that mindfulness shot! 


Nikki and the ALCIB Team~

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