Valentine Fine: A Romantic Laidback Look

LØVË... It never fails but as soon as Valentine's approaches I am left super nervous and hella stressed out as to what to wear (the struggle is so real)! Well Not This Year boo boo! No mas!
This V-Day Season I am happy to say I have prepared and organized my clothes with the specific agenda of NOT Stressing! My no stress, D-stressed (aka distressed) Laidback Look is my superhero outfit. Ya'll I am so #geeked cause I can totally rock it out for events with my ladies, the fam, AND the boo! BOOM!
Yup so here at  ΔLC|B you know we like to keep things on the MODERN | CHIC | EDGY style vibe and this V-Day look is no exception!
Opting for a lineup of the classics, why not start with a basic graphic white tee followed by distressed jeans and finally ending with minimal accessories. This no stressed, D-stressed laidback look is a bit on the EDGY relaxed side for V-day but trust it is also filled with MODERN and CHIC accents! Here are the deets on how to effortlessly wear a D-stressed romantic look this V-Day Season... 
    1. ΔLC|B - MODERN Accent: Croc Vachette Vintage Crossbody Bag... Keep it cute boo with the all too trendy mini statement bag! It is the best way to accentuate your romantic look with its multi-color metallic embellished design.
    2. ΔLC|B - CHIC Accent: Delicate Minimal Slim Finger Rings are the best way to keep the stress all the way down, trust! Not only is it chic but its a classy spin on a boho flair.
    3. ΔLC|B - EDGY Accent: Take flight in some High Waist D-stressed Cropped Jeans ! My absolute fave, the crazy, sexy, cool distressed look says check out my bad ass swag but can play well with others like pairing it with an elegant top like the second link above.

So there it is lovelies! The key tips on how to achieve a D-stressed Romantic look... what are some of your ideas on how to rock one?

Yours in writing,

Nikki and the ALCIB Team~

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