A Turning Point to a New Path for your Life

What was the turning point in your life that sent you down a new path — or skyrocketed you into one you’d already chosen? 

It may sound odd to say, but there hasn’t been a single greater moment in my career than the day my mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. It took that drastic blow to shock me into truly taking myself seriously and protecting my mental-health the right way. One way I've chosen to protect my mental health is by working with natural gemstones. My collection of curated Tassels showcase natural gemstones that are both fabulous and personally functional for channeling positive energy.

As of lately, I have also been dabbling in the natural stone, celestite crystal. As many of you know, once a month I teach a Jewelry Class and a new design for that class I am working on are beaded bracelets in this natural crystal.


"The Celestite Crystal meaning is a teacher for the New Age, bringing a restored sense of trust in the infinite wisdom of the universe. When the Celestite touches your skin, it instantly lifts the mood and brings purity to the heart, making Celestite jewelry a fashion accessory that adds the understated elegance of sky blue to your wardrobe while also healing the aura, cleansing it of worry and stress."


Isn't it cool that this crystal actually restores your sense of trust in the wisdom of the universe! That is exactly what I needed when I found myself without a job OR a plan - wisdom of the universe! But I realize now that's just what I've always had for as long as I can remember its just that this new path was leading me to a another direction of living. My mother's diagnosis was the catalyst that drove me to begin my life as an entrepreneur.

Have you experienced something similar?

Yours in writing,

Nikki and the ALCIB Team

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