Three of the Most Elegant Jewelry to Bring While Traveling

Who said you have to leave your #Brooklyn swag at home when you travel? We are changing the rules; we won't adorn what we find Romans adorning, when we go to Rome, the Romans begin adorning OUR pieces.

We can't apologize for being authentically us.

And since we want others to wear what we value, we must adorn the most elegant pieces of jewelry when traveling.

Here are the most elegant jewelry pieces to adorn while traveling:

1. Talia Rattan Earring

Adorn this earring for your vacation and feel the magic of nature. The Talia Rattan comes in hues of cream that will blend well with your skin tone. Woven with a rare craftsmanship, its beauty will keep heads turning your way when you enter into the restaurants. Oh! and have you noticed how versatile it is? Check it out because basically, it can go well with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. 

2. Acrylic Plates Drop Earrings 

This Acrylic Plates Drop earring is a beauty to behold. Plated in rhodium gold, this piece is an embodiment of durability and preciousness of rarity. You would love this earring for many reasons; apart from its charm, the amount of time that went into hand-crafting it must mean something. ALCIB offers handcrafted pieces made with love — yes boo, this piece is what solid love looks like!

3. Multi-Color Tassel Earrings

This piece of earring is for the days you wished to shout to the world to take note of your beauty! The multiple colors make it perfect for both floral prints and plain colors. The long multi-colored cotton tassels sway in spontaneous motions as you move creating beautiful shades on your face. The metal plating gives you a rare touch of Brooklyn class. 

Traveling fills us with beautiful memories, but it is the mementos we keep that make these moments last. These pieces can be a nice surprise gift to your host OR adorned by yourself and gift her another piece but whatever you do just spread the #BK love wherever you go. If you want to travel in elegance and style, shop for any of these three earrings. We at ALCIB will be glad to style you. 


Nikki and the ALCIB Team -


*Special shoutout to the Bklyn Mavens on collaborating for these bomb ass photos.

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