The 3 Steps to Take if You are Ready to Rebrand

You knew when you saw this picture I was getting ready to spill the tea on rebranding, didn’t you?! Today I just might tip the whole kettle! It seemed about time for a rebrand to my business, but how I knew I was ready and what steps I had to take may surprise you. Don't you worry though because just like some good Earl Grey, I’m making it steamy and sharing with you the 3 Steps to Take if You are Ready to Rebrand!
I’m a full-time Caregiver for my mom who has Alzheimer's and just to give you an understanding of this progressive disease of the brain, it affects a person in 7 stages. My mom is in the 7th and final stage and I'll confess, it is becoming increasingly more of a challenge to respectfully share our journey. That said, I knew I was ready to restrategize the initial efforts of the jewelry business we started together.
"Knowing what must be done does away with fear." - Rosa Parks

Step 1: EVOLVE - reevaluate your purpose and design mood

A reevaluation of the initial purpose for starting your business is the first step to take if you are ready to rebrand. When my mom and I started ALCIB we wanted it to be focused on creating jewelry with the message of self-care and savagely protecting your mental health. Due to the progressive state of my mom's disease, I have decided to focus mainly on our message as we keep all you Rockstars educated on wellness with sparkle!
That decision made, I was ready to create a mood board which would include the following components:
  • Brand Logo
  • Brand Colors
  • Inspiring Images 
  • Focus Words

Step 2: ENERGY - reevaluate your identity, energy and vibe

The energy around the rebrand should be intentional so choosing colors and words with your identity and aesthetic in mind is an absolute must. When choosing the colors for your business there are three you should keep in mind: primary, action and supporting.
  1. Primary Color; the main color which represents your business
  2. Action Color; the colors that bring sass and attention
  3. Supporting Color; the colors that reinforce your primary
The color I chose as our brands primary was based mainly around a brown hue which would symbolize a strong natural tone that would embody a familiar and friendly vibes. Next up were my action colors and I knew that I wanted to include a healing element - so I entered blue and pink into the mix, (fun right!). 
Lastly, my supporting colors were going to be from the brown family in a more serene palette so think taupes and creams and golds.
From there it was easy to find words since each color represented a different meaning. PRO TIP ADVICE: If you can't decide on a color, choose a word first instead and then find the colors that match!

Step 3: ELEMENT - reevaluate your overall concept for each of your platforms

This last step requires a bit of visual management on all your current platforms. Making sure the new concept of your rebrand is a consistent elemental feature across the board will require a diligent eye and maybe even help from apps that will layout your brand. I love using Canva especially for this feature.

How’d that go? Surprised? Inspired to spill some tea of your own? By all means — it’s 4 o’clock somewhere!

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