How to Totally Master the Art of Self Care

Take a Self-Care Challenge This Week and Totally Master Self-Care

September is Self-Care Awareness Month and Thank Goodness for THAT! Students are back to school, stressful holidays are looming near, and ladies in business know Q4 brings it's own set of annual challenges like inventory, budgets and beyond!

With all these stressors in our lives September is the perfect time to step back, take a breath and master the art of self-care! And while meditation, yoga classes and nature walks are all super ideas, there are a million little ways we can bring a touch of self care into our daily lives without having to bust out the Birkenstocks and a pan flute.

Self care is so important! You'll feel more balanced, have more energy and stay healthier overall. If you start now you can make these little steps a habit, and you will feel BOMB by the end of September!

3 Little Changes You Can Make This Week

For the next 7 days you're going to make these little changes to your life. You'll feel amazing!

  • Turn your lights off 20 minutes earlier every night. Really GO TO BED. No e-readers or tablets! Humans are one of the only creatures on earth who can "catch up" on sleep. Your body learns to schedule itself with a little repetition, so don't worry if takes a day or two to fall asleep earlier.
  • Eat a small healthy breakfast every day. Yogurt, berries, a banana, tea... don't run off to the office on a cup of coffee for the whole week. You might find that you don't need a super extra grande cappuccino to make it through your morning. You might not be so hungry at lunch that you overeat and experience the dreaded "carb-coma" at 2 pm. 
  • Try Tumeric. It has a centuries old history as a folk remedy and science is backing it up! It has been proven to control knee pain, reduce heart attacks, soothe skin irritation after mastectomy and more.
  • You can get tumeric supplements online and at any standard drug store now. Or go to your swanky supplement store uptown! Tumeric is also available in the form of curry take-out! So treat yourself to some! See how you feel after one week of Tumeric! Sister, you will LOVE IT!

The 3 Requisites of Self-Care: Maintenance, Monitoring & Management

Go beyond our little self-love challenge! The 3 requisites of self-care are Maintenance, Monitoring & Management. In other words: take care of yourself by eating right, sleeping right and exercising. Keep ahead of your health with annual doctor visits, monthly breast self-exams, and yearly trips to the dentist. 

Don't forget to manage yourself! Take time off when you need to and treat yourself to something special after the end of a grueling week. You will thank yourself for it! Nothing says self love more than a little sparkle! Contact us for inspiration today!

At A Log Cabin in Brooklyn my clients are BOSS LADIES! I know how hard we all work, and I hope we'll all focus on ourselves this September and make self-care into a habit we live by.



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