How to Accent your Accessory

Accessories are used in a lot of ways to accent your look but did you know that there are so many ways that you can accent your accessory? You could choose to accent it with makeup like a cool lipstick or nail polish but have you ever tried using a scent? It might sound odd to say this but I actually like to enhance my accessories with a scent. It's true! If I get a vibe about an accessory like this piece I'm rocking below... immediately I want to fill up the ambience with smells of sophisticated, pretty sass lol! {Note: that scent is specific to the piece in the picture below AND is a rub-on NOT a spray. Sprays can damage or tarnish your pieces if directed on them.}

So on this quest to find a cool Scent that exudes sophistication, prettiness and all around Dope Chica vibe, I came across a sample set that is blowing me away! The perfume sample set from GOEST is the absolute GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) when it comes to a light fresh aroma. I think its the range of smells that got me thinking this is the new way of shopping for me! 

I have been reading so many good reviews about the line and decided to satisfy my curiosity by investing in the Sample Set. My favorite from the 6 samples received is the Dauphine. It embodies my BK attitude and still shows off my sweet side with its rosewater-smell.

Innocent, but not immature; quiet, never cloying: this charming and refined scent is superlatively, incandescently, and, quite simply, very, very pretty -

And now on to the B I G question, how do you choose an accent for your accessory. It's simple! Find the accessory you want to wear and take a good look at it... does it make you feel like a bad ass? Does it make you feel chic? Whatever the feeling, it is the vibe. Now the accent aka perfume/essential oil, should complement that same vibe. So for example, if rocking our Storm Necklace, pair it with a strong Boss scent like Tom Ford's Black Orchid. Its feminine with wood notes so it keeps an earthy scent that flows well with the necklace aesthetic.

Another great reason I like to accent my accessories is that it allows for my fragrance to be in the smelling spotlight but without overdoing it. I just hate being that person who walks into a room and everyone is choking from an overdose of perfume that I still can't smell so I add just a few more sprays on smh, yikes! 

Trust me when I say, pressure points (wrists, ears, neck, etc) are your friend... they are terrific for showing off your scent and are areas that are most likely exposed for all to take a good an acceptable whiff!  Have you ever tried applying scent on your pressure points? They last all day right?! I encourage, hmmm, no I challenge you to try to accent your accessories (on your pressure points) and see the difference it makes to your mood and all around look... I have a feeling you gonna like it babe!



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