Self Love: One thing you really Love about you

Self-love isn’t always the easiest, but sometimes, it’s important to look at yourself in the mirror and just be thankful for one thing you really love about you.

Me? I love my big almond shaped eyes. Some years ago it made me cry, the source of endless teasing from boys in grade school but now I make sure to wear fabulous eyepieces to draw attention to my gorgeous peepers. I even take the showing off a step further and rock super cute arm candy for every time I put on and off my glasses.

Seriously y'all, the biggest secret that I have learned on how to love yourself is ACCEPTANCE... accepting who and where you are in your station of life, being gentle with that and working proactively towards where you want to be is the essence of self-love.

I’ve learned to be happy with who I am. Can you tell me one (or two, or TEN) thing(s) you absolutely love about you?



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