How to Keep the Rules of the Cabin

It wasn’t until 5 years into my career that I learned about how keeping rules in my wardrobe really helped to maintain a low stress level when I got dressed. As a proud Minimalist with Interest, I struggled in the beginning on not getting bored with my routine outfits and while rocking [kab-in+fee-ver] helped, it was really these 2 rules that were my saving grace! 

SIDE NOTE and it may just be me but when a new season hits (hello Fall baby, xoxo), I love to activate my Rules of the Cabin with a serious jewelry re-org. I feel like it gives me a fresh start, and a chance to double down on my ambitious goals for rocking all the NEW styles coming in the season ahead.


So here are my Two Rules of the Cabin and the breakdown to keep YOU less stressed when getting dressed (hehehe, I love it when things rhyme)!


  • Being Style-Conscious is a vibe, however the important thing to keep in mind when rocking/shopping for new pieces is to have a more fashionable insight for IN-Trend + High Quality Accessories to obsess over #yesplease!

    Curated Top Fashion Trends chosen by me are based off of the current styles for the season but still timeless enough to rock with you for life.

    [kab-in + fee-ver] offers you high-quality products that provoke you to rock each piece in confidence and bad-asseriness (can you say classy, sassy and bad-assy)! 

    RULE #2

    • Keep your lifestyle in mind when debating NEW pieces to rock cause boo there is no shame in living your truth. So if you know you are a baddie on a budget then act, dress AND shop accordingly!

    Unlike other online accessories shops though, ΔLC|B is designed to empower the wearer with on-trend pieces at a cost friendly price. That's not only saving you money but keeping you affordably stylish too. That's a win-win in my book boo!

    So go on Queen, flex up some Rules of the Cabin with ALCIB's [kab-in + fee-ver]. I suggest starting out with necklaces and working your way up but either way you choose to start, you are sure to rock it out!

    Yours in writing,


    The ALCIB Team

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