Pumpkin Spice Recipes for Fall

How did Pumpkin Spice end up downgraded down to the title of being “basic”? What’s Basic about the fabulous flavors of Fall, right? Like, I’m pretty sure we can ALL get on board with the idea that cooking with pumpkin, or any squash for that matter, is about as far from basic as you can get! Have you tried cutting into a squash? My girl can put up a fight; it is no easy task! If anything, pumpkin is extra as heck, honey. 

Seriously though! There are some major health benefits of putting squash and pumpkin into your Fall line-up of recipes to try, too. Need proof?

  • Acorn Squash - loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C.
  • Zucchini - packed with potassium, Vitamin A and C, and low in calorie. 
  • Butternut Squash - one serving has over 400x your daily recommended Vitamin A consumption.
  • Pumpkin - tons of fiber, reduces blood glucose levels, boosts your body’s tolerance for glucose and increases insulin production.

Oh yea, honey! These are stars, fa’sho! So don’t skimp out on yourself this Fall. There’s nothin’ basic about these squash queens. 

How about I make it extra easy on you and highlight my Top 6 Fall Squash Recipes:

Cheesy Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese
    1. Hubba Hubba! Are you seeing this?! Cheesy, Check. Mac, Check. Squash, Check. I’m outta here. This is too much! I’m salivating already, y’all...
Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes
    1. Starbucks has nothin’ on this in the morning… She’s cute, she’s healthy, she’s FAR from basic. You’ll feel like a total Fall queen eating these to fuel your day. Vitamin A, comin’ in hawt!
Cajun Chicken Alfredo Pumpkin Sauce
    1. Cajun? Alfredo? Pumpkin? Be right back, gotta cook, NOW! If this doesn’t have you wishing it was dinner time or sprinting to the grocery store, I don’t know what will. Just delicious.
Mashed Butternut Squash
    1. A cute lil twist on a classic. Anywhere mashed potatoes could go, substitute in this baddie. Perfect with some roasted chicken and veggies. Oh my goodness… This seriously has me HUNGRY!
Zucchini Prosciutto Egg Muffins
    1. The perfect brunch food doesn’t exi….. HOLD UP! Are you kidding me with this right now? Look at these beauties. Get your quarantine crew over ASAP and whip these up. They will not disappoint. 
Kale and Butternut Squash Frittata
    1. BRUNCH!? Did someone say brunch?! Maybe you can even make the brunch crew a weekly thing? Idk, any excuse to make this gorgeous frittata. Plus, just the word frittata makes you sound like the most sophisticated chef ever. 

If you’re looking for even more inspo in the kitchen, Kevin from FitMenCook is SO relatable and is Spanish (me too!) so I personally resonated a lot with his dishes and his message of building our bodies from the kitchen. Hello, self care/body love king! He also cooks with a TON of color and that is one thing I love to do since it stimulates and promotes mental stamina. Tens across the board!

Lisa from Downshiftology is another more than worthy follow. Plus she has such a powerful wellness story, so if for nothing else, head over to her page to learn more about her journey. It immediately sucked me in, plus her aesthetic is everythingggg. I love how practical and healthy all of their recipes are and highly recommend checking them out for more inspo.

Seriously y’all, do not listen to the haters this Fall season! I promise you Pumpkin and all her cute lil squash relatives will NOT disappoint. Listen to your heart and follow those Fall dreams of yours, honey! 


Nikki + ALCIB Team~

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