Creating Beauty Thru Loss

World Mental Health Day has come and gone on the 10th of October, highlighting the need for education, awareness, and advocacy to end mental health stigma. For many, chronic depression is far broader than a day, a month, or even a year. A legacy of grief colors every experience and moment in the wake of loss. So how can one reclaim the joy of life through memory?

Memorializing the spirit of a loved one through jewelry is one way to create beauty through loss. 

Power in the Struggle

There's a quiet strength to the imperfections of metalwork. Each groove and rough edge tells a story. In honoring the life of a loved one, it is important to remember not only their character, but their journey. This concept carries a double meaning as the piece symbolizes both a memento and a totem of inner strength for the wearer. Part of coping with chronic depression is learning to make peace with the struggle. Consider wearing a necklace in memory, so your strength - and loved one - remains close to your heart.

Embrace Creativity

Depression is essentially a misuse of creativity. Rather than spiraling in a positive direction, the mind enters a dark state from which it seems there is no outlet. Channeling negative energy into art can help in the grieving process. Consider spending an hour each day creating handmade beaded jewelry and reflecting on your emotions, thoughts, and self-talk. This simple, active step of meditation allows a sacred, safe space to recognize one's grief.

Love is Infinite

Circles are often a symbol of the eternal. A bangle or bracelet is a reminder of an endless bond. Carrying a symbol of hope and spiritual renewal celebrates the beauty of life in the face of grief.

Color Focus

Every soul has a color and a distinction. Perhaps the ocean holds special meaning or deep violet brings forth positive memories. A small reminder of the souls we mourn for can serve as a daily tribute. 

How do you create special moments in light of loss? Let us know! Together we heal.


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