Hustle for the Pretty

Hello Fall, and Hello Beautiful! Beautiful YOU and our beautiful new Fall pieces, that is. The hustle is real this season with work, a social life and the holidays well on its way. Our new collection has you covered tho... fashion-forward, totally vogue, and ready to be worn by you! Get ready to look radiant in ruby, noble in navy, and tantalizing in tassels.

Our Fall vibes are rich and cultured, a perfect addition to any woman's accessory wardrobe. We're sure you'll fall in love with any piece you come across, but here's a sneak peek at some of our groundbreaking new items.

A Perfect Pairing

Smooth, eye-catching gemstones + Textured and earthy crochet beads. Once you see the two together, you'll never look back. Our vibrant pyrite dangle earrings match sponge coral and pyrite with a warm red bead, while our navy and taupe gemstone earrings pair howlite and red carnelian with a pop of blue.

A Choker to Remember

Want to make a statement that's all class? Take a gander at our warm gemstone choker. The textured gold and sandstone/howlite combo radiate elegance, and the thick golden tassel creates a bold look that ensures you won't go unnoticed. Looking for something a little brighter? Water and fire collide with our gemstone watercress necklace (anyone else getting GOT vibes? I sense a weekend marathon coming on lol). A turquoise tassel perfectly complements the red carnelian for a gorgeous whirl of color this Fall.

All Tied Up

Looking for something a little simpler? Our knotted up earrings are chic and sleek, the perfect hoop with a dainty red leather knot. For something just a bit more daring, go for the link gemstone earrings with their delicate dangle design and deep red sponge coral accents.

If anything you've found here has caught your gorgeous eyes, imagine how many eyes it'll catch when you're wearing it! You're in luck -- all of this and so much more is available on our website! Shop the hot new collection now, or contact us for more info on our designs.

Yours in writing,


The ALCIB Team

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