Celebrating the Modern Way to Rock Pearls


Public Service Announcement - Introducing the Modern Fashion Affair: PEARLS~

Nope they ain't yo mama's! Hoops, Studs or Tassels, this Summer is all about the modern trend PEARLS and we are hitting up the Cabin with some really modern designs that are definitely worth celebrating! 


Yes dahling #yasss... starting with one of my personal faves the Mystic (peep it below) - a dope pearl stud that totally flips the script on what a pearl stud should look like.

"I have never seen an aura like yours. You are exceptional" Mystic~

Typically when I hear the word pearl/s I immediately visualize a fancy posh event that requires the most polished and classy of styles but check it boo, this pearl presents j u s t a bit more.

Pearls are all together FLY and a modern design like the Mystic stud... well, have you ever seen an earring like these before? I mean these earrings got me thinking that maybe I can really be a Modern Girl rocking a Modern Pearl? Minimal + Magical (hence the name), I don't know but I just feel like channeling the higher power within.

Cute right? If you're in love with this earring and these styles, Pin It, Buy It, (make sure to style it) but also trust and believe that there are so many more gorgeous pearl pieces to share with you!

Soooo stay tuned boo and let me know how you feel about being a Modern Girl rocking a Modern Pearl... cause these pearls ain't your mama's!

Yours in writing,

Nikki and the ALCIB Team~

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