'19 NYFW and the Hottest New Looks to Werk

Wear the Hottest New Looks to Werk

Guess what time it is? Yasss baby boo, it is FASHION WEEK! Every Fall the entire fashion industry turns its eyes towards The Big Apple for New York Fashion Week (NYFW; 9/6-9/14). Yet it's not just the runway shows, glamorous models and smokin' hot new styles that the fashion world wants to see! The industry loves NYC because New Yorkers have their own unique style, and it's all about the confidence!

Old HBO series' would make you think New York Fashion Week is all about models, photographers, 5 figure dresses and 4 figure shoes. While there's no shortage of any of that, the stuff real New York Baddies take home from Fashion Week are vivid new colors, outstanding accessories and especially bold statement jewelry

NYFW 2019 - 2020 Colors

Per Pantone Color Institute the hottest new colors you'll see at Fashion Week are vivid pinks and cranberry blushes, smooth buttery yellows and saturated oranges. Trade in your standard whites for feminine pinks and dove greys, and the old classics like navy blue and olive green become the neutrals you'll use as wardrobe foundation pieces. 

How To Wear The Hottest New Looks to Werk

These new hot colors (especially the oranges) are so different they'll be a phenomenon! But NYC Boss Baddies won't be intimidated! The trick is to start with some neutral wardrobe foundational pieces and build the colors on from there... Remember, it's not just about a little splash of color anymore. SO GO FOR THE GUSTO! 

Think of foundational wardrobe pieces as:

  • jeans & slacks
  • skirts
  • blazers 

Wear them in classic neutrals like nutmeg brown, denim, olive green and navy. 

Then Add Bright Bold Colors with:

  • camisoles
  • blouses
  • big totes and bags
  • shoes

Finally, finish the look with bad ass statement pieces from A Log Cabin in Brooklyn!

  • Hey sfirik(ə)l Earrings - for any occasion: work to dinner, clubbin' to church!
  • Lolita earrings - fabulous and affordable, rock your after work meetups!
  • wide multi gemstone bracelet - wide and hefty, you'll feel like Cleopatra at the office!
  • Pearls - FTW! Every boss lady needs pearls in her jewelry wardrobe. Nothing says PROMOTION like these fresh takes on a classic style. 

My goal at A Log Cabin in Brooklyn is to bring NYC style to all the boss ladies out there! Keep up with the hottest fashion trends by checking in on my blog and contact me for more!

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