This is the Story of how I got [kab-in + fee-ver]

noun; 1. A fix for a state of style rut characterized by anxiety, restlessness and boredom arising from a much too busy life to think about what to wear/accessorize with…

I didn't really want to talk about getting sick, the first time I ever got [kab-in+fee-ver] especially since I never looked sick. I still kept things together, still showed up looking fly, still smiling through it all... but I was sick. Depression had me all wrapped in its creepy arms and I knew nothing was ever going to be the same. 


Not too many of you know my story, the story of the lady in the Log Cabin or how this all got started. It has been a very confusing but fulfilling journey so far and it all began by getting lost…

LOST, maybe due to my sense of having no direction smh, but I felt like I was lost, like I was losing… everything. I was losing my best friend (my mom to early onset Alzheimer’s), I was losing my corporate job (due to a restructure in the company) and I was losing my gorgeous bachelorette pad (due to a new pet policy disallowing dogs). I was losing.

It was at this time that I was given the opportunity to live in the basement of a family members home which would afford me a chance to be close enough to care for my mom.

The basement; defined by as “the lowermost portion of a structure”, aka #mycurrentsituation, aka a creepy, dark, all enclosed, wood-everywhere, basically a log cabin, basement!

But little did I know that something magical was about to happen in this basement aka Log Cabin!


I can’t really tell what hit me harder tho: this new living arrangement OR my current life-situation; but the strangest things began to occur from my move to the basement aka Log Cabin. First for some reason I began wanting to cook ALL THE TIME and I mean I was throwing it DOWN in my small corner kitchen. I was making fine cuisine meals and healthy versions of snacks. I no longer ordered food (sorry Seamless). I was a packing and stacking, bringing in my lunch to work, meal prepping machine! 

I wanted to remember what was happening, this evolution of positive change, SO I started blogging, blogging my entries of how I was STAYING INSPIRED at The Log Cabin. And babes other things started happening! I began to get creative not just with my food but with my fashion and the long time pursuit of a creative line (peep below for some pieces when I first started designing jewelry). 



Who would have thought that these changes would have a change on my mom as well! Together we took jewelry classes and she started creating pieces that eventually brought her out of her own battle with depression. From there [kab-in]+[fee-ver] was born. Each collection of jewelry in my [kab-in]+[fee-ver] line tells a story that reflects back to my journey as a woman and my relationship with my mom and Alzheimer’s. From helping myself out of depression to adapting to a new way of life with her early diagnosis of Alzheimers, I started this line of jewelry but little did I know I was also creating our story… This mental disability was a new way of life for both of us and creating jewelry became our savage self care experience through it!



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