My Basement - a design journey with Havenly

Where is your happy place? When you need to relax, recharge, or simply get away, where do you go? For some, it’s a garden full of living, blooming, growing things. For me, it’s my log-cabin-looking basement. I go there when I want to practice wellness. It's cozy and private, and it is my sanctuary away from the world!

I've been using my basement as a wellness space for years now.

You see the basement was where my mom and I began our journey with wellness after she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. The basement, fondly nicknamed the Cabin by me, was a space that needed work and I connected to that because honey, boy did I need work! I was a 20-something bachelorette with heavy grind on the mind. I had poor lifestyle habits and even worse my inner dialogue simply wasn't conducive to positive energy. Fast forward 10 years later, my Cabin is a peaceful oasis of wellness where I can relax and enjoy myself without any judgement. How did we get here you ask? Well as you may know by now, interior design is integral to wellness.

I was able to make the basement relatively Zen by using interior design services from Havenly and the entire process was super easy and so much fun! Logging into the app/site, I went through the list of fabulous designers finally choosing a rockstar named Julio (hey Julio). The next step was to pick a design package, either Mini or Full. I decided on full and away we were!

Sharing with Julio my vision and reason for the redesign of the cabin it was really important to me that the space would be focused on healing. Even though this was a space where I grew into myself I also experienced the trauma of losing my mom here. When I lived in my basement, I learned a great deal about practicing wellness to help me through the anticipatory grief I was dealing with. It was what led me on this journey to share it with others who can benefit as well!

Julio took my feedback and inspiration pictures to create a design style for my 3 idea boards which included elements that promoted wellness, mindfulness, and positivity.

Your home carries your trauma but it also supports your healing.

No matter how much I try to put on a brave face and get through the days, there are moments when the reality of my mom dying of Alzheimer's is too fresh. That's why it was so important for me to create a space that would allow me to heal from this trauma in my own way. My goal with this design project wasn't just about styling a basement - it was about creating an environment that would fill some of the gaps left by her loss. 

Working with Havenly has been successful because now, instead of feeling lost without her, I have found comfort in knowing she will be here with me always... in spirit at least! If you're struggling after experiencing any type of emotional or physical pain, let the Havenly team help you take care of your wellness needs by designing a space that can offer you peaceful vibes for a calm and healing home.



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