My Easy like Sunday Morning Routine

Whew, wake up on the weekend like yassssssss we sleeping in boo... PSYCH, not so much cause it is 5:24am and mama is wandering, confused about where the bathroom is again. Humph, le sigh, all good and no worries, I've been a Caregiver going on 10 years now and I know for a fact that this early bird is about to catch some serious worms TODAY! I get up and gently guide mama to the bathroom and then begin our morning routine (give her shower - get her dressed - do her hair - give her meds - set her breakfast - pump up the old school jams [pump it up] - handle rascals aka dog + cat). I know that sounds funny to be so cool about waking up that early on a technically low-key day off but as the song goes, I'm easy bout my Sunday mornings... keep scrolling to find out why ;)

Yup my weekends typically start as early as my weekdays but for some reason, I get super turnt once Sunday hits! Sundays are just awesome - fist bump, high fives and dap greetings all around! Yea! Look at how many gorgeous things you can do on a Sunday:

  1. Go to Farmer's Market
  2. Get dolled up and go to church
  3. Go to brunch (one of my faves)
  4. Binge out on some dope YouTubers (or on Netflix if that's more your jam). I'm currently loving Erin May Henry who is such a cool entrepreneurial coach and offers really great practical business and lifestyle goals.
  5. Light candles + Sage your space then bask in the positive energies
  6. Plan out your new week inclusive of what you'll wear, top To Do's, the meals you'll prep and everything in between!


I really love my Sundays to be focused on planning but please hear me when I say I Make A Moment out of it. Yes Indeed! My planning scene is a situation inclusive of (oh yes look another list lol):

  • my music (completely different from ma' dukes who favors the old school greats like Stevie Wonder, etc. My music palette leans more to Drake, Robert Glasper and Ella Mai. So I adjust my settings to a volume conducive to getting my planning crushed AND place moms wireless headphones on so she can continue singing to her selected playlist party.)
  • my LIT Dude Chill Candle OR Capri Blue Volcano Candle burning in front of me as a write with my super glammed out pen. I'm calling it my high exec pen cause she is official and always gives me all the Boss Babe vibes haha.
  • my planner and way too cute stickers that my sis gifted me (thanks again babe). Now I have to confess that I recently became a bullet journaler (is that a word? is it journalist?) and use a separate planner for that but I mainly use it for business ;)

So once my table is set up with these things the finishing touch is my cup of tea and coaster. Oh ya'll tea and me... EVERYTHING!!! I love sipping on some hot tea and no lie it legit makes me feel more centered and I am able to power through my heavy week of planning.

So now you know a little bit about my easy like Sunday morning routine… how do you get your Sunday's started? What's your routine?


*MENTAL HEALTH TIP* - Planning out your day, week, month, year is a great way to combat anxiety AND to stay organized and accountable with your responsibilities. This in turn reduces your stress levels to the nth power (maximum effort babyyy) because you are visually embracing your upcoming events and preparing your mind and self to take on these priorities with Rockstar style! You're such a Boss Babe, proud of you~




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    Excellent work ladies…keep moving forward!

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