The Allure of an Inner Glam

As a Modern Minimal, you have a clear definition of who you are and how to work your style! One of the greatest things I have discovered as a modern minimal is the allure of an inner glam. Throughout the many styles of jewelry, specifically statement earrings, an inner glam is translated into an outward look with the vibe YOU bring. I like to refer to this as a style-vibe

The vibe you bring to an accessory is instant! It is usually the first thing to stand out - your swag - being showcased for all to see. Sometimes its a dope ring or a layering necklace but mostly the show stopper tends to be what's going on inside of you, you know, that inner glam!

A great example of a show-stopping inner glam is the Queen above. Rocking a specific style vibe of Modern and Classic her accessories only add to the overall look. With the earring she is wearing, she shows that inner Classic style outwardly (and check out that confidence glow). 

The design of this piece is Art Deco and all around Classic. NEW for Fall '18, this dangle style earring can be perfectly coordinated with a casual or formal wear so think a work-week look or an out-on-the-town situation. These earrings also feature a push back that slides on quickly and easily to make it a breeze to put on.

These earrings will definitely bring a sophisticated pop to every outfit you pair them with. A brilliant black and gold finish adds a touch of luxury and unleashes your inner glam in a classy way. I say rock these beauties for an effortless red carpet glamour and let them sway gently while you move because #whynot! 

For more ways to unleash your inner glam, you can also shop modern minimal pieces in my handmade line of jewelry... till next time Queens

Yours in writing,

Nikki and the ALCIB Team~

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