How to be a Modern Minimal and Establish your Style Vibe

So what does it take to be a Minimal in these Modern times? For starters, it requires taking steps to establishing the vibe of your style… 

Today we live in the world of Fast Fashion where trends, hot statement pieces and celebrity / social influencers make it challenging to hone in on your true fashion style (yup, the struggle is real).

As a Stylist and Jewelry Blogger, I recommend taking on a minimal approach to finding your true fashion style.

There is a fresher fashion focus as a minimalist that encourages you to unleash your inner glam (aka your swag) by categorizing your style by color, silhouette and vibe! 

One way to show off your inner glam is through jewelry! 

We at ALCIB will be glad to style you in our one of a kind, handmade pieces so don't be a stranger and come holla at ya girl





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