5 Practices for Maintaining Mindfulness in Hard Times

It’s no big secret that 2020 has proven to be a challenging year. Can I get an amen? The news seems to be a constant reel of what’s going wrong, who’s mad at who, and things literally on fire. So how do you stay centered and present, or even grateful in your darkest, most stressful, and uncertain times?

As you know, this month of August we’re focusing on Intentional MindfulnessThat means more than just how to be mindful, but also why it matters and how it can **positively** impact your life.

Practicing being present has gotten me through some of the deepest trenches of my life. 

When my mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers, I was just 26 and I was preparing for lift off into my dream career in the fashion industry. Man, I really thought I had it made, but sometimes life isn’t predictable like that.

After shaking off some anger and some self pity I knew what I had to do. 

I had to learn, yes pick up those mental weights, yes put in that work, that hard work, and commit to being here, right now, every day. 

It wasn’t just about me anymore, this was about my mom, my best friend

She was going to start looking to me for answers and guidance and in order to find the answers myself, I was going to need to be HERE, fully. 

Now you may all be with me on the importance of being present, but do you really feel prepared to do it on a daily basis? Like really pick those mindset weights and put in the work honey? It’s not easy. I’ll be the first to say, it can be an intimidating task to conquer, but that’s what I’m here for! Consider me your mindfulness hype kween!

So let’s do this. Today I’m breaking down 5 practices to implement into your daily life to help keep you centered, even in the toughest times:

No. 1  Breathe - don’t forget about your breath. Anytime you start to lose yourself in the day, you feel a stresser creep in, or your shoulders tighten towards your ears, stop, and breathe. We’re talking transport to a mental yoga studio and *deep inhale*, now *deep exhale*. Your breath lives at the center of all that you do. Don’t take it for granted. Connecting to it will help refocus your mind. 

No. 2  Assess - sometimes I like to write things down, old school baby. Things on paper don’t look as scary, and Lord knows our minds have the ability to make a big nasty monster out of nothing. Take back control and look at the full picture and all the factors. Map it out or list the consequences so you can see things clearly. Don’t let it build up on you. You’re your own master: you better own that!

No. 3  Discuss - pick up that phone and call, chile. You’re going to need to hear the voice of someone you love. Don’t isolate yourself or feel you’re stuck to figure it out alone. Seek the advice of someone you’re safe with, who you love, and trust. Again, your mind has the power to convince you you’re alone, but all you have to do is reach out. Your community will be there to catch you. Trust that. 

No. 4  Do [the damn thing] - shoot your shot! Whether that means making space and time for your mental health through meditation, journaling, or yoga, you have to commit to DOING it. Hold yourself accountable

No. 5  Encourage - I know I promised to be your hype kween, so hopefully we’re already halfway there, but part of this practice is learning to encourage yourself. Learning what works for **you**. Everyone is unique and individual in their motivations. Seek to find yours and you’ll unlock your ability to self-motivate. If you know you’re a words of affirmation warrior, I recommend the PepTalk app!

Life can get scary or tough or dark and you owe it to yourself to be committed to your nowThese 5 practices in being present will make sure you’re locked and loaded for anything this crazy life throws your way.  

Will you join me in practicing intentional mindfulness this month?


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