July Reading Challenge

UM, should we do it? Should we get into a reading challenge this month? I mean why not?! You know round these parts we are all about that self-care game and reading is definitely one way to engage. As most of us are still quarantined home and getting into this new groove of living in a Covid-19 world, I'd like to propose that we go for it - let's get this reading challenge!

Here is a roundup of five of my fave books (and audibles) that I cannot live without reading this Summer:



Vibrate Higher Daily - Live Your Power by Lalah Delia

Whew, I'd definitely recommend getting the hard cover cause the amount of knowledge in this book is mind blowing (yup, go right on ahead and insert that emoji, you know the one)! I felt so enlightened that if I did not believe in vibration before, well consider me a believer now! In fact, just to take things up a notch, pull up on my Twitter to really see what I mean.


You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Quarantine trying to snatch your coins too or just mine?! I swear I cannot be about this panic shopping situation but ready me up this page turning book which has centered my financial soul (#thankyoujen). Now I'm all on that mastering-the-mindset-of-my-wealth and made this manifesto a welcome addition to my morning affirmations. 


The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth L. Cline
It's really not just about looking good but also doing good at the same time. I've been a minimalist for a few years now but reading this book allowed me to understand my fashion choices on another level. A definite welcomed read.


Good Morning, I Love You by Shauna Shapiro

SO may just be me but I tend to be so hard on myself and reading this book really helped me to catch it in the act. I have learned about being kind and gentle to myself in my words and more importantly in my thoughts. If you believe like Lalah explains in her book that words and thoughts are vibration then you will subscribe to the school of thought that rewiring your brain for calm, clarity and joy will make all the difference in your world and in your present state.


Do Nothing by Celeste Headley
A great book on an introspective look into why we overwork ourselves and the challenge it is for many of us to just rest. Chile when I read it I got conviction of all sorts because even when I am laying down "resting" I am still working!  My mind is just going and going. This book was a much needed read and so insightful how Celeste broke down the history of how overworking was first introduced to our lifestyles.

So who's with me? Are you digging these Summer reads? Got any of your own? Share them with me below and let me know which book/s you will be getting into this Summer!



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