JEWELRY 101: Prerequisite to Slaying Your Work Wardrobe

Whether this is your first job or one you've been at for ages, you can lighten up the job with the perfect touch of gold, tassels, or gemstones. Even wearing the simplest outfit can go from office casual to office chic, make all your coworkers ask how you do it, and shine as bright as this New Year.

Choosing the right jewelry can add the perfect amount of personality and style to your outfit. 

Statement Pieces can Sell an Outfit

Wearing a simple dress or outfit can be made new and fierce with adding a statement piece like our Ethnic Tassel Dangle Earrings. The blue silk is sure to pop and bring attention to your beautiful face that shows that you are proud, confident, and modern. 

Don't be Afraid to Combine Jewelry

Combining our BINKY-B Necklace with our Queen Ring, you're sure to let them know they're rocking with royalty, and you're the queen bee. You're telling them that you are the boss, and you are ready to run the world... suffice to say rocking the crown proves it. 

Don't Forget the Classics

Some things never go out of style and for good reason! Adding a timeless accessory, like our Around the Way Girl Vintage Hoops, shows that you are savvy, confident, and you know what you like. It's the perfect addition to any outfit shows you got class and whole lotta sass. 

Make Business Fun

The right accessory, like our Safety Pin Long Earrings, is a great way to show your flirty and fun side in a more subdued way without sacrificing personality. One look at these and your coworkers will know that you like keeping things together and making sure we all stay afloat. 

Your Greatest Asset is Your Confidence

Girl, you are a #queen and you deserve to feel like such. It's all in how you see yourself and present yourself to the world. Adding the right piece of jewelry can help your inner beauty and fierceness shine.  

Whatever your fashion voice, step up your new year with the right gem forward. Make yourself shine brighter than any firework, become more talk than the New Year's ball dropping, and shop with us to set that style!


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