Cabin Rules for the Style Conscious

Have you ever found yourself up trying to figure out what to wear for the next day but so bored with the bland old rotation of your current wardrobe? 

In fashion, there are so many rules and faux-pas to follow... I mean when did getting dressed become so stressful?? It's not that I have no respect for these style rules but the question that I keep having is: who really gets to define YOUR style? The answer to that question is no one but YOU... ENTER ΔLC|B's - Cabin Rules, an online source of curated stylish pieces where you set your own rules.


RULE#1: Do what you want (with your fabulous style)

RULE#2: Shop ALCIB (for Modern|Chic|Edgy styles)

One of the perks of shopping Cabin Rules is having new (and awesome) trendy pieces each season... just for YOU. For those who don’t know, I personally research and curate each item I add to the Cabin. First I start with creating a Mood board which includes the inspirational colors, words and images for the season.

That’s enough about the process... I’d love for you guys to cozy up in the Cabin and check out these styles for yourself!

Yours in writing,

Nikki and the ALCIB Team~


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