Hustle + Get Styled for a Good Mental Health State

It's eight am and you wake only to realize you've overslept. You should have been up an hour ago and your so tight right now. With all the stress of daily life, you fell asleep before having a chance to set your clock. Today's antics has you in a company meeting at 8:30 am, leaving you no time to get all dolled up. So, you snatch up your slim fitted jeans, a tank and a blazer (super thankful for a relaxed dress code) and quickly get dressed. You're about to head out that door while slipping into your comfy flats, when you realize you have not one accessory on to pull your look together. 

It's worth the extra two minutes to run back to your jewelry box. You can't decide to grab a beautiful gemstone bracelet or a fabulous pair of earrings so you snatch some minimalistic bracelets instead and you are out the door! A quick look in the mirror on your way out confirms you look casually chic. Coworkers will likely have no clue that you overslept or that you're under any level of stress. There's so much going on with work, keeping up the bills and the house, just to name a few; that your mental health isn't something you take note of. 

Stress is a factor that can diminish your mental health state, As well as things such as trauma, bad living conditions and others. Learn more here and here https://tips-for-everyday-living

There are ways to improve how you feel. You can get social, talk about your feelings, exercise and of course looking awesome is a great way to boost your mood.

Most people think of mental health as a condition not pertinent to themselves. While it is true that some people do have a "mental condition", we all have a mental state. There's a variety of factors that can help keep yours healthy. Looking your best is one very simple thing you can do and it will make you feel nothing less than bossgirl fab. Turn to A Log Cabin in Brooklyn for pieces to complete your look, so you can slay that meeting. We have custom handmade jewelry that's affordable and keeps you looking and feeling that you have risen to the top of the corporate ladder. We'd love to keep you and your mental health in check and looking fly. Please contact us at your convenience to check out A Log Cabin in Brooklyn. 


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