How to Self-Care in Stressful Moments

Finding time for a self-care routine may have been tricky enough before Covid-19 but now with the kids at home or little time outside, we are all feeling a bit tense and in serious need for it!

So Rockstar, today I am sharing with you my quarantine confessions on a few of the self-care routines I use to cope in stressful moments. 

Here are my 5 steps to adding self-care!

1. Create a morning AND night beauty ritual

OK hear me out, I know it may not seem practical to have a ritual especially if you are not going anywhere but it is essential for your mental health. states that having a structure in place can help with efficiency and provide clear focus of your attention and time. I can definitely attest to that because establishing beauty rituals in the morning and night really help me to focus on the energy for that day and moment. 

2. Support a small / natural clean business for beauty care essentials

Beauty Counter or literally anything by Ra Synclair - um, wait, hold up, saying less is more here so take my word and click the links to snatch you the whole beauty care bag~

3. Make some tea to create a relaxing mood

I am only slightly biased (ok maybe I am MAJORLY BIASED) when it comes to tea but to throw a spotlight on matcha tea, well please excuse me as I make the bias clear! Not only is drinking matcha tea a great way to start your morning but Healthline confirms there are an additional 7 beneficial reasons to enjoy this drink:

• High in antioxidants. Matcha is rich in catechins, a class of plant compounds in tea that act as natural antioxidants. ...
• May help protect the liver. ...
• Boosts brain function. ...
• May help prevent cancer. ...
• May promote heart health. ...
• Helps you lose weight. ...
• Matcha tea is very easy to prepare.
In my mind, there’s no better way to spend the morning or night than that!

4. Play intentional music with a LoFi playlist

Spotify continues to be my hero saving the day especially on those mornings when I want to start with some calm cool jazz.

5. Wear something fabulous then add accessories

I mean, if ambiance is everything then I really don't have to convince you that wearing a kimono and even adding accessories seals the self-care deal. Can you just picture it? A flowy beautiful kimono embellished with tassels in a dope velvet floral design... hmmm tassels. That will definitely have you feeling all those free-flowing feels.

FUN FACT‼️ Curating a minimally glam self-care experience can help with burnout, frustration and keeping a positive mental health.

Because you can build on simple, well-crafted routines for your morning or night, adding bomb accessories just connects you to the self-care experience! A minimal stud or dainty neck piece are usually what I go for and no lie, it always seems to do the trick!

How do you keep yourself balanced and stay positive during stressful moments? Share them in the comments below and we’ll have a whole collection of ideas!




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