How to Incorporate Pantone's 2021 Colors into Your Space (even if they're not your style)

Every year Pantone blesses us with their color(s) of the year so we can make sure our color game is on point. Heading into 2020 they hit us with classic blue and sis, we wish they had chosen something a little more inspiring for one of the craziest years we’ve ever gone through together! With 2021 finally here (thank GOD), we finally have a new predicted color palette to inspire our wardrobes, shopping habits, and homes. Pantone's colors of 2021 are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow. 

Now even if you’re not one to take color advice from the internet, Pantone’s colors are a fun way to spice things up and try something new to stay on trend with your design choices. One fun way to practice this is through micro-adjustments to your interior space. Micro who now? Okay queen! We are talking about tiny changes you can make through smaller accessories or the “jewelry” in your home. Think things like drapes, throw blankets, art, candles, even a hallway runner. That way you don’t have to blow the budget or go too hard with a set color scheme. Making tiny changes means staying cost-effective AND on-trend without going overboard.  

Even if grey and yellow are way off from your home’s current aesthetic, I’ve come up with 4 simple (and budget friendly) ways to incorporate them into your space:

1. Use metallics - Metallics are a fun and ultra hip way to keep your space contemporary and modern while still giving a nod to the yellow color fam. Consider gold an elevated hue of yellow. Silver can act as your grey too. Phew, did we just suggest mixed metals? You better believe it sis! Metallics are easy to add to your home through votives and vases, picture frames, or even a pretty candle from Target! 

2. Change your pillow covers - It really doesn’t get faster or cheaper than updating a pillow cover when it comes to updating your space. Switching up the textures and colors of the pillows on your bed or your couch will breathe a whole new breath of life into your home, especially when we’re talking about yellow! 

3. Add a throw blanket - Throw blankets are another super quick (and cozy) way to change up your space on the cheap. And straight up, that blanket linked there is like buttahh, do NOT miss out. And for $18?! Okay, moving on. Swapping out your throw blankets between seasons is a great way to align your space with the weather changes too. From pastels and florals in spring to deep dark plaids in winter, having some seasonal throw blankets on hand is never a bad idea if you ask us. 

4. Switch up your curtains - While this might be a larger task, switching up your curtains every 12-24 months is the fastest way to completely transform your space. They’re essentially the picture frame of any room and help to simultaneously make a statement and pull everything together. Choosing a fabulous print with yellow and grey will absolutely set the town of your space and help to tie in all your new accessories and cozy details so nothing seems out of place. 

I recommend prioritizing these micro-adjustments or swap outs in high traffic areas like your living room, dining room, or bedroom. The easiest way to make small switch-ups throughout your space is by having some super solid, relatively neutral, heirloom pieces that play well with others. An heirloom piece is essentially your ride or die of any given space. Basically it’s an investment piece that centers the room and is versatile and timeless enough to take on any job or compliment any color scheme. Think a gorgeous neutral tone couch from CB2 or some eye-catching modular cabinets from Ikea to hold your prized knick-knacks or glassware. Find pieces that will serve you as your design choices change from season to season and Pantone color to Pantone color. 

Once you’ve established some core grounding pieces, you can start to play with showstoppers and accessories that really set the tone for your space. Those showstoppers are your drapes and vases, pillows and throws, art and frames, and they can change over time as you get bored or change your mind. 

No matter where you are in your interior design journey, adding some zesty yellow and calming greys to your space is a super fun (and ultra trendy) way to kick off the new year in a new space!

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