How to Heal at Home

The world is in flux right now. A global pandemic has left us all reeling, and the road to recovery may be longer than we first thought. We've been separated from loved ones, and millions have found themselves out of work. It's easy to feel overwhelmed or distraught by everything happening right now, but it's important to stay grounded and give our bodies and minds time to heal. Here are some simple ways to heal at home.

Be Kind To Yourself

This is so important. Treat yourself like you would a close friend. If you find your thoughts heading in a negative direction, take a step back, and center yourself. Grab a good book, put on an upbeat tune, or rest your body with a nap. Take some time to center your thoughts, do breathing exercises, and meditate. And remember, it's ok if you're feeling scared or worried or unsure. In fact, it's ok to feel that way even when there isn't a global pandemic. You'd never shame your best friend for feeling sad or anxious, so why be upset with yourself?

Stick To A Routine

When we are worried about the state of the world, it can be tough to get motivated or make decisions, and it's easy to get lost in our own anxiety. Instead of relying on our already-stressed brains to make good decisions, avoid distractions, and stay motivated, it can be much easier to stick to a healthy routine. At the very least, wake up, get out of bed, get dressed in your favorite clothes (and maybe put on your favorite jewelry, too), put some healthy food in your body, and move around. Schedule time in your routine to engage in favorite hobbies and talk to people you love. Write your routine down so that if you start to get distracted, you can remember what you are supposed to be doing. You can even set alarms on your phone as a reminder to stay present and focused.  

Keep A Plant-Based Diet

Staying on top of our game both physically and mentally requires a lot of healthy fuel. A plant-based diet gives our bodies everything they need to keep us healthy, which can also help our bodies fight off illness. And now is a great time to try out new foods or recipes. Once you know a few kitchen basics, cooking up a nourishing, healthy meal full of fresh, bright produce is a great way to show your body some love.

Limit Social Media Time

While social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends, it's also a great way to find ourselves buried in troubling news. For one day, count how many times you actually pick up your phone to check Facebook or Twitter without even thinking about it. How much time do you spend mindlessly scrolling on your newsfeed, soaking up negative news stories without appreciating the positives that surround you? Social media is ok as long as you don't let it rule your life. Set aside a few minutes two or three times a day when you can use social media, but outside of those times, keep your phone out of reach and choose other activities.

Connect With Loved Ones

The people we love remind us that there are many things to appreciate even when the world is scary at the moment, but it can be so hard to remember this when we have to keep a distance. To combat this, be sure to schedule a time to connect with friends and family over the phone, or via Zoom or Skype. You can use this time to play games together, watch favorite movies or TV shows, or just chat. Technology makes it easy to keep out with some of our favorite activities remotely, and a familiar face or voice is just a click away.

Things are rough right now. Make caring for yourself a priority. And if the news has got you down, check out A Log Cabin In Brooklyn for a refreshing break from the negativity. 




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