How to Get Glam in 5 Easy Steps

So, you want to look glam. You want hair, nails and a fit that scream girl boss and confidence. But you're absolutely swamped with everything that life has to throw at you. You have work, your side hustle, love, friends and family that you feel like you're balancing day in and day out. Well, I have the tips that will make feeling and looking like a badass attainable in no time!

1. Lockdown Your Style (Minimal, FTW!)

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Find a style that speaks to you but also suits your lifestyle. Curating a minimal wardrobe can help a lot because you can build on simple, well-crafted pieces and add bomb accessories and pops of color to your liking. For example, start with a white, button-down shirt. Pair it with a cool blazer or for a boho chic glam vibe, throw on a fringe kimono with tassels that dazzle lol. Add a watch that makes you feel professional or glasses with a stylish pattern and you are all set!

2. Stick to a Color Palette

Find a color palette that would be appropriate for your work but that also makes you feel good. Black is a versatile color to work with and can make your look radiate sleekness. You can also select a group of colors such as mustard yellow, olive and burgundy for that chic, autumn vibe. Pantone is predicting these gorgeous hues below:

3. Keep It Basic, Baby

There's a reason why the "classics" are considered timeless. These pieces have stood the test of time and have remained beautiful and modern. I love a classic work tote, which oozes professionalism. Or how about comfy flats or a sexy kitten heeled situation? These shoes are gentle when you find yourself frequently on your feet but can also be jazzed up with patterns, colors and thoughtful details.

4. Distinguish Your Style With a Head-Turning Statement Earring


When you're not sure how to make your look pop or maybe you're having a bad hair day, always go for the statement earring! It will give your confidence a boost. I love a fun, sculptural look like the artistic sfirik(ə)l Earrings. When you wear sculptural earrings, you're putting a little playfulness into your whole vibe.

5. Rock It Like It's Hot (Confidence Is Key!)

Lastly, your look won't be fun and badass if you're not feeling it, yourself. Embrace your new, fashionable look and keep your head high while you get out there and conquer the world.

Take these steps and use them to feel both good about the way you look AND good about yourself. Rock your statement earrings with pride, whether they're dramatic dangle earrings, bright and colorful tassel earrings or sleek geometric earrings. Check out A Log Cabin in Brooklyn for more style tips and jewelry that is always on-trend.

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