Piña Coladas - An Accessory for Summer

If you like Piña Coladas, and getting caught in the rainIf you´re not into yoga, if you have half a brain
If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape
I´m the love that you´ve looked for, write to me, and escape

Ah the Summer! Time for walks on the beach and sweet, sweet Piña Coladas! But what's a piña colada without its leading ingredient, the pineapple!

Here's a fun fact, did you know that a Puerto Rican pirate named Roberto Colfresí served a coconut-pineapple-rum concoction in order to raise morale among his swashbuckling crewman? True story, I swear lol! Fast forward 193 years and we actually have an entire day dedicated to it (#NationalPinaColada | July 10)!

I thought it would be fun to put together some of my top Swash Bucklin' pieces for Summer and raise some morale to our Accessory Wardrobe. Wondering how I chose these pieces? Here's the thing boo, the best way to choose an accessory for Summer is simple: keep it light, colorful and fun!

To start us off, here are a few of my Top Faves!


What do you think? Did you guys get the I'm in the Tropics Sailing vibe from my Swash Bucklin' faves (pearls can be found in the ocean, and leaves obvy are on the island)? 

Well in the spirits of Sir Colfresí, I have a fun question to ask you guys! Remember that #funfact that I mentioned to you in the beginning of this post? Good cause here's my question to you... are you likely to:

A. Forget I ever mentioned this fun Piña Colada fact, because you’re not 21 and it isn’t spring break in Miami

B. check my pirate facts and have the same IPA you drink every Tuesday after work or

C. find your way to the nearest tiki bar and have one out of a coconut shell in observance and celebration?

Me, I’m probably going with (A)—staying within the law is my jam lol~

Your turn, friend! Do tell!

Yours in writing,

Nikki and the ALCIB Team~

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