How to Build a Jewelry Capsule Collection

I am often asked "What would I need to make a jewelry capsule collection?" Oh and Rockstar, I LOVE this question! So I thought it was time to sit down and spill the tea on how to build one...
first things first, what's a capsule?
A capsule is defined as a short and concise list but when it gets down to our brass tacks Rockstar,
a jewelry capsule is a collection of pieces kept on heavy rotation specific to a season or lifestyle event.
Ok now that we got a good understanding going of what a jewelry capsule collection is, let's get on to establishing the basics. Starting with earrings, let's make sure you have those basic pieces in your collection. Those basics are: a stud, a hoop, a minimal statement, and then a bad ass statement earring.

Now to the fun part, bui
lding a capsule for your jewelry. For this capsule collection of earrings, I like to pretend that this is akin to a dope girl band so really just 3 main contenders:


The Lead Singer; this earring is the showstopper so make sure that those earrings command the Good Vibes.


The Chill Back-up; this earring has glam to it but is relaxed enough to wear with a tee and jeans like our [ef-ert-lis] Earrings.


The Fancy Back-up; this earring is your go to for office parties or fancy date nights with boo thang but trust they all know the Røçk’Štår you are.

Let me know how I can help you with picking what you need to add to your set ;)

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