Caregiver Hacks: How to Bring Magic Home

THE  V I B E S... y'all it is all about the vibes! Something I put major value on are the feelings and the ambience of a space. In my opinion, it is how you can bring magic to your home.

At the time that this blog post is published, we are all quarantined home due to the health crisis of Covid-19. But can I keep it 100 with you Rockstar? Before this health crisis, staying at home was always the situation for ma'dukes and I. 

As a full-time caregiver to my mom who is in the last stages of Alzheimer's, I had made the decision to keep her home with me 24/7. But keeping her home meant creating an environment or a vibe that was comfortable, stimulating and calm.

vibe [ \ ˈvīb\ ]a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

When it comes to caring for someone with Alzheimer's, I always want to stay ahead of what’s happening in their personal emotional state and in this case that pertains to my moms mood. As she progresses through Stage 7 of Alzheimers, I stay up to date with new home trends by following Pinterest and taking Master Classes by the greatest (YES I am talking about Kelly Wearstler, OMG I crush HARD). Through this research, I discovered the 3 Ways I can Bring Magic to my Home!

Here's how I bring that magic:

First I start with the...

🎧 LO-FI BEATS MUSIC from Spotify. My mornings tend to be super busy and so as to secure a calm environment as I get my grind on, I have a playlist set to come on my Alexa. I keep the volume to at least 3 or 4 and it fills the whole house with an atmospheric, instrumental soundscape. It's dope serene vibes, trust.

Second I get into some...

👃🏾BODY AND ROOM SPRAY from xrasynclair specifically Reed Diffusers + Room Sprays but if you REALLY want to secure that unicorn magic you Must Shop number 27 (Scent: Citrus | Ocean Mist | Mango) and number 19 (Citrus | Sugar | Mint) which are favorites for ma'dukes and me.

And lastly I add...

💐 PAMPAS GRASS FLOWERS from PurxiousbySQ. Flowers, dry, real or faux takes the energy of your home into a magical oasis, I Promise! We have been loving the boho, relaxed vibes the dried pampas flowers from give to our home.

Oh and added bonus is just knowing that our purchases are supporting a small business like ourselves. So what do you think? Have you brought magic into your home in any of the ways mentioned above? If not, tell me, how do you bring magic to your home?




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