Gratitude in Challenging Times

Y’all, is it seriously November right now? 

This year has been an absolute whirlwind for so so many reasons and I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to taking the month of November to slow down and take a deep breath.

November and gratitude always go hand in hand for me. 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, a mindset of thankfulness is working it’s magic on me. Can I get an amen?! Phew, it took me an excruciatingly longggg period of time to even get to a place where I was willing to admit I needed to shift my mindset and sit in gratitude but chile when I did, the game was changed foreva (yes cue Beyonce's 'Mood 4 Eva', please + thank you)!

For me, it all kind of started to cement as a defining factor when I read the book: Manifesting on Purpose: A 3 Week Guide to Transforming Your Life Through the Law of Attraction. The book really helped me understand that I could be grateful for even the smallest minutia of things and that in doing so I would have so much energy, joy and opportunity. Suffice to say, I was here for it

As a full time caregiver for my mom I was having a really hard time finding gratitude in what seemed to be a storm of sacrifice. I had given up my career in “my 20’s” to be with my best friend in her time of need. Haunted doesn’t really begin to describe the guilt, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and even anger that came with handling this huge lifestyle shift. 

Sleepless nights, resentment and pent up frustration were in the driver’s seat and me and ma’dukes were flying down the highway. You gotta understand, I am a Type A, have my shi* planned out frontward, backward, and all them sides... so this “not knowing” stuff was for the birds!

Straight up, I didn’t know what I was doing and it was eating me alive.

Once I understood the power of positive thinking and gratitude, even on a microscopic level, I suddenly had hope again. I felt more like myself and *shocker* it even started to have a positive impact on the peeps I was surrounding myself with, ma’dukes included. Watching this new found hope and energy affect her and her reactions only motivated me more. She was calm and happy and willing to try new things. 

It makes total sense: nobody wants to try something new when the person telling them to do it is clearly at the end of their rope. Um, yea I wouldn’t trust that chick either!

I started to become grateful for waking up every day to serve. 

I became grateful to serve my mom her meds and get her clothes and meals ready. 

I became grateful to have an obnoxiously loud barking (and oh so cute) dog that I got to walk and enjoy bonding time with every day. 

I was grateful for the fixer upper cabin that helped me to see my potential in creative interior design and creating a space of beauty, comfort, and peace. All of these things that frustrated the hell out of me once upon a time were now just magic moments I became SO grateful for. 

It's what showed me that life is so much more than just wishing on a star or checking that next box on the to do list. The list itself is something worth celebrating queen! And all the little hoops you have to jump through along the way.

As soon as I started to recognize that and live that truth every day, things really started to change around here. Beyond the energy and hope, there was finally true contentment. 

Now I know, you might be sitting on the other side of this screen shaking your head at me. And trust me, it ain't easy, it’s not always pretty, and it can’t be sunshine all the time. I get that.

But at least acknowledge you have a choice. 

That was one of the biggest shifts for me; realizing I had a say in the matter and taking the control back. Controlling what I could control - myself. My joy. My outlook on life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take back some of that control this month?

This year of all years too, where everything seems to be pushing against us. 2020 has been a damn pressure cooker y’all, but you can still choose to get up everyday with a smile on your face!

You vs. 2020 smiling. Might seem like a funny picture, but giiiirl, you’re definitely lookin’ cute!

You win bb! You win, hands down when you put that smile on.

Now are you with me that we all need gratitude this November? More than any other November we’ve experienced before?

Let’s go get to it, honey!

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Until next time, 


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