How to Get that Effortless Fall Style

While you may not always know what to wear, let's get one thing straight: you want to look fierce, modern and confident. This means confident on the outside and the inside. Consider doing a closet archive. As in, take a look at your closet and decide what you really want and what fits your ideal Fall aesthetic. Dust off the raw edge cropped jeans, chunky cute sweaters, get that oversized army jacket out with that badass deconstruction and top it off with a hot pair of silver sculptured earrings. Aaaand you look fabulous. Here are some trending, effortless looks according to ALCIB that you'll be all over.

Earth tones 

Look out for the earth tones that you already have sitting somewhere in that closet of yours. Think rich reds, mustard yellows, golds, oranges, olives, smooth browns and tans. This look is always cool and makes you look put-together. Consider pairing it with jewelry with warm tones, such as the Warm Sunstone Tassel Earrings. These earrings feature the soothing properties of howlite, which is just perfect for a lifestyle where you're always hustling and will keep your mind at ease. The colors are warm like honey with a vibrant pop of red.

Sleek and sophisticated

Black is always modern. When you see a girl rocking all black with stilettos, she probably has her life together. Think strong, think timeless, think versatile. Get out those leather jackets, ankle boots and sleek black jewelry. For a little inspiration, check out the glamorous Ele Earring. This piece can go casual or formal, sophisticated or cool with a black and gold Art Deco design.

Channel your inner bohemian

The bohemian look is on trend. Long, flowing, fringe, mother earth and all that jazz. Pull out those maxi skirts, floral patterns, kimono jackets and patterned scarves for a pop of color. If you're looking for a little fringe in your jewelry, take a peek at the Gemstone Watercress Necklace. This piece incorporates gorgeous jewel tones, a wired choker and a red carnelian gemstone pendant, giving you all those flawless free flowing vibes.

Give them bold, honey

Go with the flow of the autumn leaves with shapes, colors and styles that go bold. Take out your favorite wide-brimmed hats, statement-making maxi dresses, big scarves and jewelry that catches gazes. Want a little inspiration? Look at our [ef-ert-lis] Earrings. These are a brilliant array of Fall colors that complete the look.

For all our fierce, modern women out there, take a peek at these trendy, autumn looks. They will inspire your inner goddess and encourage a stronger, more confident you. And be sure to check out our gorgeous hoops. At ALCIB, our products are curated and first-rate, always keeping empathy and love on the mind.



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