Get Gorgeous in 5 - Fast Fall Fashion Steps

Ok ok Boss Babes, it seriously just cannot be me going through this Minimal Muse Malfunction lol! You ever wake up and just not know what to wear? I end up stopping every single thing and everyone in my Cabin pretty much knows, we ain't making no moves until I get my life together with an outfit (the struggle is real).

I mean, Fall has me in my bag best believe! I'm digging the gorgeous weather and pumpkin spice everything BUT sometimes when I have an impromptu Muse swing into my type of style (which is typically edgy) I really cannot figure out how to dress for it?

MUSE: a style that speaks to your personality and falls within 3 types being Modern, Chic, and Edgy.

Should I go Modern? Should I keep it Chic? But what about my Edge tho?

Thankfully a few Cabin Accessories take me a long way and I can easily generate a look around the piece like with my GoldiDrop. I also recently discovered that having a uniformed look, is the ticket to always staying fashionably ready in spite of when the Muse strikes lol! The trick is sticking to these 5 Steps and making that your standard uniform.

So for Fall, here are the 5 Steps I use and trust me ladies, they are the holy grail for never missing a beat!
  1. OUTERWEAR: Blazer/Jacket/Coat
  2. TOP / DRESS: Shirt/Sweater/Graphic Tee
  3. BOTTOM: Pant/Jeans/Skirt
  4. SHOES: Thigh High Boots/Booties/Sneakers/Slip-Ons
  5. ACCESSORIES: Hat, Bag, Watch/Jewelry
And that's it! Mix and Match as you please from the layout because what is really going to make this uniform look YOUR OWN are the accessories you pair with your style. These GoldiDrop Earrings that I am wearing are the perfect accessory to really show some fabulous flair. I always love me some BK swag in my attire and this leather jacket helps me pull that off flawlessly.
So I'm curious Cabinista, which Muse most influences your style: Modern, Chic or Edgy? Do you find knowing your style helps with picking an outfit?
Nikki and the ALCIB Team -

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