Dear Summer, it's about Fall so um yea, we need to talk...

You came into my life and made it worth living. You put a smile on my face at a time in my life when all I could feel were frigid cold dark days (damn you Winter). For the past 3 months you have become my friend and confidant – you have treated me like the Queen you saw me to be. You have given me a confidence I never thought I would have, rocking crop tops and mini shorts with some savvy style to all my picnic escapades.

For the reasons above, I find it very difficult to do this and more so, to do this using a blog post. At the start, you and I were beautiful, sunny and strong. You did things for me that no one ever has. All the numerous and spontaneous surprises like the sun lasting for hours, kept the days interesting and lively. However, all this was a mask for the fundamental flaws that lay deep... you were never intending to stay.

So it is with great thought and consideration of the future that I have arrived at this decision. I know that you might wonder if I have any doubts about this decision. In all honesty, I am certain about this and I believe we should accept this as adults and begin the NEW Season process. 

I sincerely hope that my sincerity and transparency about my true feelings and thoughts do not cause you any more pain.

With my sincerest care and love,

Nikki and the ALCIB Team ~

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