Why Everyone Should Have Crystals in their Home

And which crystals carry the right properties to inspire a home that reflects the energy you need it to.

You already know we are fierce believers in the idea that your space is an extension of yourself. For good or for bad! Whether you like it or not, a messy room is certainly not going to inspire a clutter-free head space. Your space is yours to own; make sure it’s serving you! The quickest way to do this is, you guessed it queen, self-reflection. Now how is that? Well, the sooner you know what you’re lacking, the sooner you can create a space that inspires and creates those things for you.

We’ve talked about this time and time again, but your interior can easily help you manifest certain mindsets, emotions, and even actions! Let’s say, for example, you find yourself a teensy bit anxious (mmhm, heard that honey!) or a little stressed out. Now let’s say you live in a space that’s dark, doesn’t function the way you need it to, and is disorganized so you can never find what you’re looking for. While it might make sense that your space exists this way, since odds are you are existing this way, it’s certainly not helping your case. I am right there with you queen...

Ever wonder why it feels so serene to even just step foot into a spa? Or even a nail salon? Look around chile! They’ve got the music settin’ the vibe, they’ve got calming colors painted on the walls and used in accessories, plush places to sit, dimmed lighting, and probably some crystals on display. It’s makin’ you feel some type of way, and that is no accident. Can I tell you a little secret though? You can create this space at home for yourself!

When I decided to quit my job and become a full time caregiver for my mother, I moved into my aunt’s basement so I could be closer to mom. And phew, this place was, how do I say it, DEPRESSING; no natural light, dark wood panel walls, and dark floors to match. Well you knew the name Log Cabin in Brooklyn had to have come from somewhere right? HA! I had my work cut out for me, but the one thing that saved me was going in knowing that I was in control of my space and I got to tell it how it could better serve me. Now if that’s empowering you today, keep listening! Take your space by storm sis! It’s invigorating to reflect on your mind and your home and manipulate the places you spend the most time to better serve your needs. That is powerful stuff!

For me, crystals, along with a whole interior vibe check, played a huge role in flipping the energy of my new space on it’s head. Crystals act as a daily reminder of the intended energy I have set for my space. Being a caregiver is challenging work and setting a daily intention to slow down and remain grateful, even present, allows me to remain in control and at peace. When I’m managing ALL the things...a quick glance to one of my crystals will hit me right between the eyes with an “oh yea, I got this, deep breaths. I am centered. I am in control.” Those powerful daily affirmations and positive mantras cycling through my head have helped me redefine my entire outlook on life and, yeah crazy I know, but my home actually helps me to do that. Maybe not so crazy now that you’re reading all this, right? 

So I’ll leave you with this: if for nothing else, consider incorporating crystals into your interior to inspire a new energy in yourself. 

Here are my top five crystals to consider in your home and why:

  • Amethyst - Peace and Intuition
  • Consider adding Amethyst to the rooms where you spend most time, like your living room or hi, at-home work space. She’s going to serve you in letting go, breathing deep, and finding creative solutions or problem-solving. She can also help you unwind after a hard day and enjoy music and sounds in ways you haven’t before. That being said, you can really get creative and play with the versatility of this one, depending on what you’d like to provoke. 

  • Rose Quartz - Love
  • Uhhh-huh honeyy. It is the month of LOVE after all! From forgiveness to compassion this stone will help you manifest it all. If you’re someone in need of more self love, or someone who’s feeling jaded after years of online dating (yeah I said it!), this stone will help you release any toxic emotions and redirect your energy to your heart. 

  • Selenite - Clears Confusion and Brings Light
  • Sometimes referred to as “Liquid Light”, this precious gem will help you ward off heavy feelings of grief, fear, anger and anxiety so you can reach your full potential. This is a good one for your entryway to remind you that you are home and you are in control as soon as you walk through that door. Allow your space to welcome you with open (and very zen) arms.

  • Clear Quartz - Cleansing
  • The Oprah of crystals; elevating and illuminating others, universal healer. Too far? We didn’t think so... This stone will help to cleanse any negative energies and amplify the qualities of it’s surroundings. From other crystals, to the energy in your space as a whole, this powerhouse will help you manifest like no other. 

  • Citrine - Wealth and Prosperity
  • Another fabulous one for your office space for obvious reasons. Manifesting growth, motivation, creativity, prosperity, and even fertility (okay baddie mamas to be!) is the name of this crystal’s game. From home office to anywhere else you need to get creative and express yourself. Writers block? Never heard of her…

    These 5 crystals are must-haves in our home. When it comes to balancing the confusion of Alzheimers, stress, anger and a deep desire to be able to express ourselves, these are ride-or-die’s for mama and me. Channeling the calming impacts from this lineup ensures a serene environment. And, yup Im gonna say it again, your space is a reflection of yourself and vice versa queen! If your space is the best version of yourself and your desires for your life it’s going to be a hefty task not to do that every damn day, right?! Your interior should remind you that you’re in control and inspire you to level up. You deserve it.



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