A Beginner's Guide to the Crystal Hype

Now you already know our entire goal, heck, our entire existence, is to serve you while you navigate serving yourself. We would be doing you a straight up disservice to not break down all the benefits of crystals in your life and in your homes along that journey. The hype is reallllll my queens!

Being a caregiver for my mom I very quickly understood the effect of energy. Energy can be defined as the mood, ambiance, feelings, or even just a vibe that a space, person, or thing is carrying. When we first got the diagnosis, my entire energy was focused on “getting over” it, or past it, only looking to the next thing to fix, fix, fix. And never looking at right now to build from the ground up. When life hits you with heavy things, heavy times, it’s crucial to slow down and put the time in, that mental work, those heavy weights, to build a solid strong foundation of presence, gratitude, and awareness. If you’re constantly looking to fix something that’s 100ft away, you’re never going to realize your feet are stuck in the mud. Take the time to assess, dig yourself out. Even cry if you need to! That’s all part of self love and self care. Being present, feelin’ those feels, and checking in on your energy. I cannot stress enough how important it is.

And my journey exploring crystals and their healing properties has helped me to do that. To start with the very smallest of introductions to crystals, if for nothing else, they’re a visual reminder to check in with yourself today. That Amethyst on your desk is gonna hit you between the eyes with some positive affirmations the second you start to get frustrated by your work. I told you we were starting small: using crystals can be as simple as a vibe check reminder. 

We don’t have to start wire wrapping or washing our crystals in the rain today my queens, let’s start small: we’re talking basics! At the core of understanding the crystal hype, there are really just Two Key Things to Know:

  1. Be Intentional and Reflective - Spend some time sitting in thought about the kind of energy you’re in need of. Do you need more focus? Or more peace? Look into the many properties that crystals carry (or keep your eyes out later this month for our breakdown). This process will not only help you in your journey of identifying what crystals are important to include in your space, but will also be an incredible exercise in defining areas in your life where you can afford to lean in a little harder. Realizing that you’re lacking in focus or require more peace is a huge step towards accomplishing a more level energy. That energy is something you carry with you everywhere you go, not just in your home, but on the subway, into your work, and, maybe most importantly, into your relationships. Learning about the properties of crystals will help you recognize properties in yourself (and even in others) so that you can harness and seek more of what you need and let go of what you really don’t.

  1. Be Open and Creative - You don’t have to go to a crystal fair or turn your hall closet into a shrine or anything like that! In the same vein of intentionality, and really anything we encourage you to do over here at ALCIB, this needs to serve you. Crystals don’t have to be limited to precious gemstone or some of the more “traditional” ways you might be thinking. If you feel inspired to place gemstones around your home, in your purse, or your pockets, listen to that truth and follow it honey! But crystals can also be used in a number of other use-cases that you might not consider right from the start. We’re talkin’ facial rollers, coasters, candles, soaps, or even cocktail tables! When it comes to your space, you already know that we’re firm believers in creating a home as an extension of self, self-LOVE, and expression. Choosing crystals that work within that space and serve your mind and heart are another great way to do that. Maybe this Burke Decor Selenite frame is sending you vibes. Or this wine rack from Anthro feels like the perfect way to mix modern and magic in your space. All of these are great ways to harness the energy you seek in the spaces where you spend most of your time (oh hi, home office).

If you’re looking for more inspiration on including crystals in your interior design plan, we highly recommend checking out this post from the Energy Muse. Regardless of how or when you use crystals (you might never use them at all! It’s all good!) the properties they possess and the healing they embody is something we could all use a little more of. After the year we’ve been through honey’s, phew, we’ll take all we can get, right?! 


As a beginner, the most important way to approach this is with an open mind, an open heart, and a reflective spirit. As with all things, this is yet another opportunity to connect with yourself and to be honest about what you need and how you can better serve yourself and those around you. Let this be a chance, in this month of love, to tune back in with your energy. Whether you’re leaning in to that vibe check, or about to hit checkout on one of our gorgeous Geodes today, we’re just glad to be a part of your journey towards self love and a life that truly serves you. 



PS, the candle featured in the images above is from the fabulous line Luxe Noir. A total self care moment for any queen looking to add a major glow up to their everyday routine.

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