6 Practices for Self-Gratitude

A few weeks ago we unpacked the importance of appreciating the little things and Being Grateful in Times of Uncertainty (aka why gratitude is the holy grail of taking control of the unknown). But have you ever considered self-gratitude? 

Appreciating the birds chirping, a walk in the park, and even mundane everyday tasks is one aspect of gratitude for sure, but don’t forget that sweet sweet self-love queen! Appreciating yourself, your body, your mind, your thoughts, that’s confidence, that’s joy, and that is thankfulnessLoving that gorgeous skin that you’re in and really sitting with her, oh yes, that’s the best love story of all! 

Here are 6 *easy* ways to start practicing self-gratitude TODAY:

  1. JOURNALING - old school baby! Get out that pen and paper and unload on that page, sis. What’s been on your heart or spirit? Get things off your chest. What about counting out those blessings? Been a while, huh? Watch that page fill up. If writing is tough for you try using a guided journal or bullet points or even setting a timer for just two minutes. I bet you anything once you’re in the rhythm of this practice, you won’t even hear that timer go off. 
2. EXERCISE - whether you’re a yogi or a high intensity baddie, getting a good sweat in always helps your mental game #endorphins. Even just getting outside, especially in this stay at home season, and walking around your hood can help to boost that spirit. The time away from your space, away from your phone, and taking in everything around you will do *wonders*. 


3. FOOD AS FUEL - now we just spent all last month preachin’ on this one so I already know you’re all experts, but a Mediterranean Diet is directly tied to your mental health queen! Eating right and fueling your body so that you’re not dealing with some tummy ache or fatigue on top of all the other ish going on in the world is the least you can do, right? 

4. TREAT-YO-SELF - this is different for everyone! What sparks joy for you? Lighting a candle, a good fiction novel, a fabulous meal from your favorite spot, a bath and a face mask? Maybe a new pair of earrings? Whatever it is, sometimes rewarding yourself in a *healthy* way can set you back on track to a more grateful tomorrow. I mean I’m definitely a nicer person when I have my Fran-see Earrings on, just sayin’...
    5. MUSIC! - We are firm believers here at the log cabin that music is a MUST-HAVE ingredient in the recipe for a good day. Even now with ma’dukes in the late stages of Alzheimer's, she stays hummin’ her heart out and tappin’ her foot all day long. Now if that’s not straight up gratitude I don’t know what is. Amen?!


    6. VERBAL, self-affirmations - Yes I mean stand in front of that mirror telling that body you love it, telling that frizzy hair you adore it, telling that skin you wouldn't change a thing. Thank that body for what it does for you. Thank your mind for its brilliance. Thank your spirit for its resilience. Say it out loud and say it proud boo! This is yours for life - how lucky are we?!

      It is so important to appreciate the day and the world and your life, but don’t forget to love yourself and all that comes with that, chile! She is you and you are her - soak that up and absorb that energy she’s giving you.

      There is a lot that can seem out of our control (change is the only constant right?) but if there’s one thing we can control, it’s ourselves. Own that and love that honey. If you’ve got just one simple thing, it’s that.

      And isn’t that beautiful? I’m feeling so dang grateful just to encourage you all in that today!

      Until next time, 


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