5 Ways to Shine this Holiday Season

Navigating the Holidays can be difficult, even in a “normal” year. Here’s how you can give yourself a healthy glow this December, from the inside out. 

This December is all about *sparkle* here at ALCIB. From shinin’ light on some of our most loved brands and products over on our Holiday Gift Guide, to the swag we have available on the shop, there’s no way we’re lettin’ you go through this Holiday season without a proper glow up!

This year has been challenging, heart-breaking, isolating, and a number of other adjectives that try to steal our star-power, amiright? As much as we try to focus on manifesting a positive energy over here, we’re not gonna lie, we’ve had our moments of being down in the DUMPS this year for sure! That’s why we felt it was extra important, this year, and this month more than any other, to focus on the light that we all have the option to shine.

From the inside out, there are 5 key things we can all do to shine a little brighter this season:

No.1 - BE KIND 

Phew honey, we’ve gotta global pandemic and an election season all in one? You better believe there’s some finger pointing goin’ on! We’re on edge; that’s alright. Recognize that, take a deep breath, and channel your gentleness. Have you ever heard that lack of forgiveness is drinking the poison and expecting the other person to get sick from it? That’s because harboring the weight of that negative energy impacts you more than anybody else. Now sis, you don’t need that; shrug that weight off those shoulders of yours. Relieve yourself of the duty to hold others accountable; their time will come. And hell, you could use the break. Take a rest! We’re heading into a new year and a new energy. Give yourself a few weeks to recover and start new! Choosing kindness and gentleness is the perfect way to start. Practice that over these next few weeks and I promise you, that shift will spin you up into a joy like you’ve never felt. And that’s what this season is all about, feel me?! 


Easier said than done, right? Stick with me here: confidence begets confidence. Confidence is being vulnerable with your loved ones and that’s strength too, right? We’re talking about feelings, thoughts, speaking on where your heart is at these days with the people you love. We’ve all been separated for a while now, so this practice might feel extra hard, but our experience is similar. We’re all dealing with things a little differently and taking the time to talk that through with your family and closest friends might help to get some more of that weight off your chest. Beyond expressing yourself and speaking your truth, confidence might look like finding joy in dark times. Learning to do something as simple as smile, even though things are hard, can literally manipulate your mindset to be one of positivity, (I swear! It’s science!) allowing you to channel things like hope and gratitude more easily. Basically having more confidence in the future and being more vulnerable right now, will help you and your loved ones shine a little brighter this season. 

“...just the physical act of smiling can make a difference in building your immunity,” says Dr. Grossan. “When you smile, the brain sees the muscle [activity] and assumes that humor is happening.” source


Speaking of things you can actually do to alter your mindset, you know we stay preachin’ about look good, feel good, here at ALCIB; so don’t you forget those accessories, boo! When you take a moment to create a ritual, like getting dressed, or doing your hair, or trying out a new winged eyeliner, you create space for yourself to reconnect to a routine again. Nothing about 2020 has felt like a routine, except for maybe anxiously pacing back and forth in front of the fridge. So giving yourself the chance to self-care through your wardrobe or accessories can have a big impact when it comes to your mental health. Even if that sounds whack to you, give it a try! What do you have to lose by looking fly AF with your hair done and some earrings on, really? 


Inhale, exhale. Now, if you’re anything like me, being told to relax or be patient usually evokes the opposite reaction. We hear you. So rather than telling you what to do, we’re just going to remind you of all the reasons why it’s a good idea, cool? Take a moment to envision yourself at your most relaxed and patient state. Do you like them? Do they shine bright? Yes, yes they do queen! Channel them! Be them! Mmm honey, that relaxed glow, that carefree vibe, she looks SO damn cute on you! We want to rock that and inspire that in others, right? Listen, the Holidays are tough, straight up. And Lord knows 2020 is no walk in the park. Take care of yourself right now and recognize that others are having a hard time too. Be patient with yourself and the other people you’re encountering. Leave room for grace, on both sides, so you can inspire a space of positivity and lighten some of the burden this year and this season can bear on us. Bottom line: patience is cute. Do that. 

No.5 - LET GO

That means don’t stress! While you’re juggling that vulnerability, that smile, relaxing and channeling patience, oh and getting your hair done, don’t forget to let go! LOL. For real though, sometimes these lists of things to do to be better can just end up feeling like a whole new burden to take on. At the end of the day you’ve gotta do what’s best for you. The whole point here is to check in with yourself, recognize the areas where you can afford to release the weight from your shoulders, let go and move forward. No secret sauce here, just knowing yourself enough to see where you have space to give yourself a little more wiggle room and *inhales deeply* get rid of the rest! Shake that off honey. Let that light shine as bright as you can and just don’t worry about the rest. 

When it comes to navigating any Holiday season, there are bound to be challenges, tough conversations, planning, and a big helping of patience required. With one of our most challenging years coming to a close here, take some time to reflect and check in. See how your light has dulled a bit this year and put a little extra love and energy into those spaces. See how your light has continued to shine bright in other areas and give yourself a big thank you for that, you DID that! 

From acknowledging your own light, to recognizing the light in others, you’re bound to create a more positive energy this Holiday season. Fill every room in your home with it, honey! That’s yours to create, and yours to benefit from. Truly the best gift to give yourself this season. We send you all our love and LIGHT from here at The Log Cabin,

Happy Holidays Rockstars!

Nikki + Ma'Dukes~

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