5 Staple Accessories that Elevate any Outfit

Don't get me wrong — I love on-trend statement pieces, but there's a reason that staple accessories have withstood the test of time. These pieces are inherently versatile, but that doesn't mean there's anything #basic about them. They're more like your bestie in accessory form — you can go to them for anything, anytime, and they'll always have your back.

1. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings aren't going away anytime soon and I am so glad for it. The best thing about hoop earrings is that, even with this seemingly simple design, there are endless variations. Just consider the size of the earring—are you living large today, or are you chillin' with your girlfriends? 

2. Minimal Layering Necklace

I love that you can wear many of these necklaces on their own, to emphasize that minimalist inner glam that you possess, or you can combine several of them to provide an outlet for your creative spirit. I also love that they can add a nice pop to solid-color blouses while still add some sparkle to bold florals without being extra.

3. Statement Ring

Statement rings can give you that much-needed confidence boost on days when you need to feel like a Queen. Which is every day, just so you know. And since you're a Queen, why not let the world know who's ruling today?

4. Gemstone Bracelet

These bracelets can be layered together or worn alone, just like the minimal necklaces, to really personalize any outfit you're wearing. What I love most is how luxe yet down-to-earth they are; they help you stay grounded while you focus on making boss moves in your life.


5. Smart Watch

Practical and fashionable, smart watches help us stay on top of our schedule and track our health, but they also give off that "responsible adult" vibe that most of us are going for. Smart watches let people know that you take your time seriously, as you should: your time is valuable. You can express your style with a minimal solid-colored band or up the classic factor with a metal-link band.

If you noticed that your current accessory wardrobe is missing one of these crucial staples, I invite you to shop ALCIB's jewelry collection now. I am inspired by your passion and motivation, so I hope that you'll find something that becomes your new go-to.

Yours in writing,


The ALCIB Team

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