5 Pieces to Help Your Inner Glow Shine this Summer

With summer in full swing, my hope is that all of you are feeling yourselves. Who doesn't feel better with a bit of sunshine? It's the season of dresses and swimsuits, a time when everyone is ultimately wearing a little less, which means the best way to glam up your outfit is with some sparkly pieces for your ears and neck.

That's right — I'm talking about jewelry. Of course, we all know the one piece that we all literally cannot currently live without are masks, so I've put together a list of items that can pump up your wardrobe, while still being able to stand out with a piece of fabric covering your face. Yup can you say #maskfriendlyjewelry



The best part about studs this season is that you can still show them off, even while wearing a mask. They have always been a favorite amongst the minimalist crowd, and I gotta say, that crowd has some good taste. But, even though studs can be more on the minimalist side, that doesn't mean that they can't make a statement. Like these Good Vibes earrings, which can brighten not only your wardrobe, but everyone else's day who sees them. 



If studs are a little too minimalist for you, but you also love rocking the non-dangle vibe, then huggies sound like the right fit for you. And no, I'm not talking about the kind that are worn by tiny babies lol, I'm talking about the kind that are worn by fashionable Rockstars.  Huggies are essentially small hoops that cling to your ears, and if you have double ear piercings then they pair great with studs. Also, with a 90s fashion comeback in full swing, a pair of Punk Huggie Hoops can keep you on trend, and looking better than ever. 



Sure, dangles might not be as noticeable with a mask on, but that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to a fancy date night at home right? Put on some Double C Dangle Earrings, order dinner in and pour yourself a glass of bubbly (or kombucha if bubbly isn't your thing) — you deserve it. Who said self care was limited to therapy and working out? Dress for success even when no one is watching, I promise it will boost even the lowest of moods. And if you're feeling like going the extra mile for some extra self care, apply a face mask to end the night right. The skin-care kind. 



Are you feeling like dangles aren't fancy enough for your date night in? I recommend saving these for a Zoom date with that special someone, because these (fan-see) Earrings are actual show stoppers. Turn off the Netflix, and turn on your date with these dangle statement earrings. I guarantee that after your date sees you in these, they'll never leave you on read again. 



The good thing about masks, are that they only cover your face, leaving your neck as fair game. And since the best form of self care is loving yourself, I know just the piece to help you do so. Within every woman is an inner badass, and so within every jewelry box there should be a Badass Necklace. Not only does this piece make for a great layering situation, but it literally says badass, so everyone will know just how confident you are — including yourself. 



Don't let this summer pass you by without treating yourself to a little glam. Jewelry is a woman's best friend, and it can truly help you love yourself more than you already do. I hope this post can help you pick the one best fit for you, although I personally think they're all a good choice. With these beautiful pieces adorning your ears and neck, even a mask won't distract someone enough from recognizing their utter beauty (yours too). 

I love hearing from you, so please reach out and let me know which one is your favorite! Stay safe out there, queens. 



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